Overhead Cable

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Quadruplex Service Drop Wire
The ABC cable has been widely used in our country with the advantages of excellent electric properties, strong ability to resist short circuit, long service life, light weight, easy to install, operate and maintain, etc
Aerial Bundled Cable with IEC NFC Standard
overhead single core, 2 core, 4 core Aerial Bundled Cable with XLPE insulation
ABC Overhead Cable
aluminum conductor XLPE insulated aerial bundled abc overhead cable, Aerial Bundled Conductor (ABC) Cables.
AAC AAAC ACSR Aluminum Overhead Conductor
Commonly used overhead high voltage cables are: AAC AAAC ACSR. They can be laid according to different situations.
Overhead insulated cable
Overhead cables are often referred to as overhead power cables, and the conductors can be both copper and aluminum.
HTLS Conductor Cables
ZMS Cables manufactures a wide range of cables with high-temperature, low-sag conductor(HTLS Conductor) materials.
Commonly used overhead high voltage cables are AAC AAAC ACSR, which can be laid overhead depending on the situation.
ABC Cable
Aerial bundled cables are mainly used for secondary overhead lines on poles or as feeders to residential premises.
ACSR Conductor
Bare conductor ACSR have such good characteristics as simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low cost large transmission capacity.
HTLS Conductor Products --- Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported-ACSS and ACSS/TW
HTLS Conductor Products --- ACSS is composed of a concentric stranded composite conductor.
HTLS Conductor Products --- Gap Type Conductor-GTACSR and GZTACSR
HTLS Conductor Products --- GAP type conductor is composed of layers of thermal resistant aluminum alloy wires around a high strength steel core.
HTLS Conductor Products --- STACIR/AW Conductor
HTLS Conductor Products --- STACIR/AW Conductor is a new type of overhead conductor
HTLS Conductor Products ---  ACCC/TW (Carbon Fiber Composite Core Conductor)
HTLS Conductor Products --- Carbon fiber composite core conductor is a new type of overhead transmission line.
XLPE Insulation SAC ABC Cable
Overhead Application MV ABC Cable XLPE Insulated Cables 10KV ABC Aerial Bundle Cable copper aluminum or aluminum alloy conductor
Duplex Service Drop Wire
ABC cable bundled electrical overhead cable 0.6/1KV XLPE insulated electrical ABC cable